Understanding the Types of Facebook Ads and Its Use for Your Campaign


As one of the most used social media, Facebook has been improved following business and market development. You can see from their features, for example, Facebook Ads. This is an ad that will appear in people’s news feed. Whether they access Facebook through desktop, mobile, or mobile app. Facebook also make various formats for their ads. Thus, you have to read this article because we want to discuss understanding the types of Facebook ads.

As a marketer, you have to know the options of Facebook Ads. They offer you news feed ad (for desktop and mobile), Facebook right column, audience network, Instagram, and instant article. Each option will appear differently. Another thing that you should to know is about choosing the placement. There are two types you can choose from. First, Facebook will help you through its automatically service. Second, you can do it manually. Furthermore, let’s check the list below about understanding the types of Facebook ads:

  1. Lead Ads

If your target is increasing e-mail subscriber, then Facebook Lead Ads is the best choice. Through this ad, people who get your ad will easily sign up for e-mail. You don’t have to share or ask them to like the post. Facebook will automatically auto-populate the form that people use to fill in. Thus, it cuts the long process for everyone who wants to sign up.

2. Dynamic Ads

Let your target knows your product or service through the catalogue. We know that it might require you some efforts. Then make it simple by using Facebook Dynamic Ads. People also know this as Carousel Ads. When someone ever visited your page and after that, they sign in their Facebook account, Facebook will help you to remind that people about things they have seen before. This ad is really customized and based on your target’s personality.

3. Abandoned Cart Ads

You might find that customers put the product inside the cart and then they leave. They don’t continue the process even though they have placed the product. Within this ad, you can take them back. Facebook helps you a partnership by offering free shipping to the target. So, hopefully, this ad could make your target finishes the purchase.

4. Thank-You Ads

A big mistake that not all marketers realize is the process after purchase. They don’t think to maintain their customers. While it is important to sustainability purchase. So, Facebook offers this ad for those who purchased your product. The ad will show on their account as thanking them to buy your product.

5. New Product Ads

This ad is not about introducing a new product. More than that, Facebook generates people who already used your product and offers a new product for them. So, the aim of this ad is not giving information new product for new people. But offering a new product for the previous buyer. It is very effective to maintain your relationship with the customers. You will always engage with them even though they already left you after purchase.

Understanding the types of Facebook ads needs more exploration. A further thing you must understand is about budgeting. But, you can’t create proper budgeting without understanding kinds of Facebook ads.

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