5 Newest Inventions From Around The World That Might You Didn’t Know Yet


Every day, every minute even every second new inventions appear without we realize it. From technology invention to strange invention that makes us bewilder. Sometimes there is an invention that looks so impossible that makes it likely comes from the future. All of these inventions make life easier and funnier. As time goes, so is invention. It makes you curious, isn’t it? So here are the 5 newest inventions from around the world.

5 Newest Inventions From Around The World That Might You Didn't Know Yet

1. Xbox Adaptive Controller

Are you a gamer? If yes then you certainly ever heard Xbox adaptive controller. It is one of the newest inventions in the gaming area. Microsoft is the one who develope this invention. Xbox Adaptive Controller is made especially for people with limited hand and arm mobility to enjoy playing the game.

The inspiration for this invention comes from some groups such as the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. This group shows the great effort that leads to this invention.

2. LynQ

One of the newest inventions from around the world is LynQ. This invention is just right for family or friends. With LynQ, you do not need to worry about getting separated in the crowd. This invention will help you find your family or friend and even loved ones. 

LynQ is compass-like devices so it doesn’t need WiFi to connect. When you are on vacation, this device is a must-brought thing, particularly if you have little children. In case you get separated from your children, LynQ will help you find your children quickly.

3. Gravity Jet Suit

Do you want to experience the feeling of flying in the sky? Or do you want to know how the feeling of floating in the air? If the answer is yes, then this invention may suit you. It is a gravity jet suit. As the name suggests, this suit can oppose gravity. 

 With the 1050 horsepower system, this suit can make you float in the air or fly through the sky at 80 kph. This thanks to five mini-jet engines that planted in this suit. As for the one who develops this gravity jet suit, its name is Gravity industries.

4. Eargo

The main purpose of inventions is to make life easier, notably for people who needed help. And so the United States-based company create the Eargo. For people with mild to moderate hearing loss, this invention is wonderful. It is thanks to Eargo that these people can regain their ability to hear. 

Compared to other hearing aid tools, Eargo is easier to use. Besides, it is a comfortable product. It is a perfect invention for those with an inability to hear.

5. Stain-Repelled Shirt

When eating or drinking, sometimes you spill the water or food on your clothes. As a result, your clothes getting dirty. So to keep your shirt clean, Fooxmet makes a brilliant breakthrough. It is a stain-repelled shirt. As the name suggests, this shirt repels any liquid from water to ketchup. 

All of that thanks to the material. A stain-repelled shirt is made from hydrophobic cotton material. Not only repel stain but it also hardly gets wrinkled, so you don’t have to iron it.

As we are breathing, the newest inventions from around the world appear one by one. This invention certainly makes our life is easier. Not only that, with these inventions all the things that look impossible can be possible. 

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