The Most Memorable Pop Song All The Time You Should Listen


Listening to music is a simple way to refresh your mind. One type of music that has always been everyone’s favorite is pop songs. In early 2000, many popular pop songs are still favorite until now. Some of the most memorable pop song all the time are even still popular until today. 

The best songs all the time are catchy, easy listening and just fun to hear. If you are getting bored with music there is now, try to listen to these memorable songs. The most memorable pop song all the time will bring you memories back. So here are some of the songs: 

1. Thriller – Michael Jackson

Who doesn’t know the singer Michael Jackson? Even though Michael Jackson is now with us today, but all his songs are a legend. One of the most memorable songs is Thriller. Just by listening to the intro note, anyone who listens to it will want to dance. And just like other Michael Jackson song, Thriller is a song you can dance to. Even though the song was first popular in 1982, many people are still listening to it until today. The moonwalk is also a legend that will never go out of style. 

2.  I Wanna Dance with Somebody – Whitney Houston

A dancing song from Whitney Houston is the song that everyone will enjoy listening to. The easy lyrics and beats make people just want to sing along dancing to the music. The song was most popular in 1987 and won many awards. Today, many singers have remade the song but still, the song is very catchy. 

3. Baby One More Time – Britney Spears

The song that was released in 1998 became a huge hit and popular at that time. Until today, the song itself is one of the best-selling records in the market. Even though the lyrics of the songs are sad, but the beat can make people dance. The style of Britney in the video clip is also an attraction for people. Many people have copied her style on Halloween parties, and they never get bored. 

4. Everybody – Backstreet Boys

Who doesn’t love the band Backstreet boys? And yes, it is sure that everyone loves them and their music. All their songs are memorable and loveable, but the song everybody was the one. In their second album, they were showing to everybody that is back. And of course, ready to hit back the stage. 

5. Someone Like You – Adele

This English singer became a hit after her sad songs came up to the public. The most memorable pop song all the time from Adele is someone like you. The song itself succeeded in making people sad and feel Adele’s heart. Despite her sadness in the song, she achieved many rewards from the song. 

So, try to listen to these top easy listening songs. Some of the songs can be for dancing, others are quite sad. And even though they are old they are still a legend. The most memorable pop song all the time is the ones that can bring back your memory.  

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