Top 5 Techniques On How to Promote Listing On eBay


Do you have unique items that you want to sell? Use eBay to sell it worldwide. eBay is known as one of the largest markets for selling products. If you already have an eBay account, try to learn about how to promote listing on eBay.

How to Promote Listing On eBay

Knowing the listing promotion technique is very important. That is because you need these techniques to make your listings always appear and stand out. Here are the techniques you can do to promote listings on eBay:

1. From Within Seller Hub

The first thing you can do to promote your listing on eBay is using the Sell It Faster option. The Sell It Faster option can boost your listing on eBay. Moreover, you can find the option from Seller Hub.

The option can allow you to promote your listing more than one item. You can check the box and choose your ad rate. Add your listing to an existing campaign. Now you can promote your listing on eBay.

2. Using Campaign Manager

You can also make a campaign to promote your listing. First thing first, go to the Promoted Listings Campaign Manager. You can choose the Select Listings Individually option. Then, you can create a campaign to boost your listing.

You can select eligible listings you want to promote. Choose an item that you think many people will like. Then, set your ad rate after you select the eligible listings. Now you can name your campaign then launch it.

3. In Bulk Using .cvs File

Usually, you will get so busy if you have so many listings that you want to promote. But now you can promote your listing in bulk by using .csv file. You can choose Select Listings in Bulk when you have so many listings to promote.

Then, download the .csv file with the eligible listings. After that, you can modify and upload the file. Do not forget to name your campaign and now you can launch it. As information, by using .cvs file, you can promote or campaign up to 50.000 listings in one campaign.

4. Using Third-Party Listing Tools

This is the easiest way to promote listing on eBay. You can use third-party listing tools. There are a lot of tools that you can choose based on your preference. For example, are Ally Commerce, Auctiva, Big Commerce, Channel Advisor, and so on.

A third party can promote your listing at the same time you are promoting it. Therefore, using a third-party listing tool can make your listing stand out. However, you need to remember that ad rates and third party costs are separate.

5. By Setting Up Your Own API Access

If you keep asking how to promote listing on eBay, go try this technique. You can set up your own API access. First thing first, you can register for the eBay Developers Program. Next, create an eBay Developer Program account. Read about best practices carefully.

You can also read about the Marketing API Overview and Marketing API Technical Reference. Build integration including Terms and Condition. Now, you can test and launch it.

You can use these techniques to promote your listings. Try these techniques one by one starting from the easiest way. If you still have difficulties, you can read them on eBay Pages or ask the eBay community. They will have the best answer about how to promote listing on eBay.

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