Free Game to Play with Friends Online – Check Them Out


One of the best ways to spend free time is playing games with friends online. However, it might be tricky to choose the games. Rather than choosing games from your handphone app, we suggest choosing a free game to play with friends online. It is the easiest way to play online with multiplayer within. Also, it is filled with strangers, waiting for other players, just like you.

The most common categories these days are actions, adventure, racing and mystery – puzzle games. It might sound like male games, but no. Females also have a huge number of participating in it. There are as well a lot of options. From an easy non-requiring host game, to a group of battle games using ID names and characters. And what is the most important thing about playing online? Free of charge of course! Here are some summarize of some free game to play with friends online, that you might try due from the genre:

1. GTA

The genre has been one of the most popular game genres since the first time out. An action free game to play. Grand Theft Auto or more known as GTA is totally an option. It contains criminal cases, business, and even corrupt government issues in it. And do not worry about the quality graphics because it is now featured in 4K. Need a lighter game to play? Crazy Shooters 2 or Combats Online is a lighter game to play. Even though it is an easier option, but still thrilling to play

2. Viking Village

When it comes to an adventure game, Viking Village is quite a game! Presented in several versions and edition, makes it not bored even when you played in hours. It is also available on smartphones if you require it. You can simply connect it using your account. As an addition, this game is also entertaining and interesting to play. So of course, this is an option for free games to play with friends online.

3. G- Switch 2

Play like a pro online with cars or motorcycles is a normal race game. How about a running race? As it is, G-Switch 2, that could be played up to eight players, wow. It is not just a race, more like an online tournament. And now available in three chapters, where each chapter has its own challenge and interesting tracks.

4. Escape Game

A mystery – puzzle game allows us to solve problems and sometimes pushes us to use our logic and knowledge in it. Challenge yourself by playing Escape Game. While another game allows you to “buy” solutions to pass levels, Escape Games does not. Nevertheless, even some levels might be difficult to pass, this game is still approachable to play

5. Uno, Dominos

Classic games are games that are usually played traditionally offline and brought to the internet. Such as scrabbling, Uno cards, and dominos. The best thing about playing classic games online. No one can cheat and peak into each other.

So which genre is your most favorite to play online? Do not forget, the most important thing for a free game to play with friends online is the internet. Usually, it will need a fast connection, therefore make sure your connection is good enough. If not, it will disturb your game.

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