Christmas Movie You Might Haven’t Watch Until This Time


A Christmas movie is always interesting to watch. Moreover, when you sit with your partner or family members. This becomes a tradition love to do every year. “Home Alone”, “Elf”, “The Polar Express” are just samples of popular Christmas movies. But there are also movies that are as interesting to watch. Here we will tell you the Christmas movie you might haven’t watch until now.

Christmas Movie

Forget about the story of a family holiday, the wonderful life of being home, and those sweets storyline. You might be amazed by the Christmas movie you might haven’t watch below. Some movies were launched years ago. However, the movie is still worth to watch today. Don’t compare the visualization with the current film. It must be different, but it is still nice to enjoy.

1. Black Christmas

It is actually one of the popular Halloween movies. But, looking at the storyline, Black Christmas is interesting to watch on Christmas Eve. The movie tells about a serial murderer in a sorority house. With its psychological depth and thrilling atmosphere, you will hardly drink seeing the threat inside the film.

2. Inside

Christmas Eve should be a nice moment to bless everything in your life. Instead of sitting in a lovely time, a mother must survive to let her baby see Christmas morning. There is a fierce stranger who tries to snatch that baby. Even though she has police and neighbors, she still makes sure that the baby is on her hand for tomorrow.

3. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Have you ever imagined that fantasy, horror, comedy, and action are in one movie? No, this movie is not kind of a sci-fi movie. It is a dark Christmas movie from Finland. It is about a research team that unleashes an “Old Testament Santa”. When it happens, the local people start to improve a fight again the evil entities and many strange creatures.

4. Better Watch Out

This movie is not that old. Released in 2017, Better Watch Out is an Australian-American horror movie. You will see a thrilling visualization here. The story is about a babysitter who must save her self and 12 years old boy from the invader. This movie is as entertaining as Home Alone. But you will see a different set of holidays in the film. Prepare yourself for a big laugh at the comedy.

5. The Man Who Invited Christmas

It is a biographical drama movie. The story tells about someone who is suffering from financial hardship. He is rejected by three publishers, but it doesn’t make him give up. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he starts to write a new book again. Then, his journey begins amazing and just see the rest in the movie.

Those are the Christmas movie you might haven’t watch when you are young. Now you can plan the movies to enjoy together on a weekend. Luckily, some of them can be found in online streaming. However, this eases you to watch without having to download it first. Pick which is interesting for you, but we think that you must watch them all.

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