Cheap And Easy Photography Hacks That You Don’t Know

As a photographer, of course, taking good and beautiful photos is a satisfaction in itself. Quite often if you spend more effort to produce the perfect photo. But there are cheap and easy photography hacks to produce good photos. The following is an explanation of these hacks that you don’t know.

1. Use Aerosol Spray

Photographers use an aerosol spray to get a moment of mist or mystical smoke. It aims to make photos look more lifelike, vintage, as well as beautiful. The use of the aerosol spray is only by spraying it to a place where there is a model in a pose.

Additionally, it can use Mist Maker to produce a foggy effect. This mist from Mist Maker is thicker. However, the use of fans can adjust the thickness of the fog. So it will produce a good effect. That is a thing about cheap and easy photography hacks.

2. Glass Tricks for Mysteriousness

In contrast to Aerosol Spray where the photographer needs to spray aerosol spray. By using glass, the model simply holds the glass and places it in the appropriate place. In addition, the model must also put on the right expression so that the atmosphere is abler.

For that, the photographer must look for the right atmosphere or angle so that the photo looks amazing and very unique. This method will produce very good photos and create a mysterious impression.

For example, the use of broken glass. The broken glass can make the photos will be better. You do this by putting broken glass facing the twilight. So that it can produce a good reflection of the twilight of broken glass.

3. Transparent Plastic For Making Glazed Photos

The photographer only needs to wrap the edges of your camera in plastic to get a wistful effect. Make sure that the use of plastic is rather thick like plastic for food, and do not let the plastic cover the camera lens.

The photographer only needs the plastic on the edges to refract the light and create a foggy effect. These are cheap and easy photography hacks that are not widely known.

In addition, with clear plastic will produce a vague and blurred effect on the photo. The method used is the same as the use to want a wistful effect on the photo.

4. Make Lightning With Aluminum Foil Paper

At the time of selfies usually, the light does not support, especially taking photos in the room. The solution to overcome this, photographers can use aluminum foil paper to make lightning-like in the studio.

The method is to cut aluminum foil according to the desired size. Then place the paper under the camera lens or adjust it to the light effects you need.

In addition, photographers can use aluminum foil to produce a “bokeh” or background effect that forms some circle shape characters. Namely with the addition of aluminum foil and the help of an external flash.

That is a few thay you don’t know about cheap and easy photography hacks. So that it will produce photos with quality that is not less good with the results of reliable photographers.

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