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Bath bombs: what they are?

The name derives from the fact that as soon as they are immersed in the water of the tank, the bath bombs explode like a time bomb. The outbreak is the reaction that occurs when chemically opposite substances meet the water. This is the case of bicarbonate and citric acid, the main ingredients of bath bombs. It is precisely these two elements – associated in the amusing bath product – that burst, making the water effervescent!

In fact, the idea was to produce sulfate-free bath detergents that would work well for reactive. But a chemical “accident” made a light bulb turn on: why not create (even) something fun? And here are born balls that frizz in the water, the bombs in fact.

Today there are various shapes and colours produced by herbalists and laboratories of artisanal cosmetics. Ideal for a relaxing or energizing break, depending on the essential oil contained. For sure, the bathroom with these sparkling balls is much more fun!

Boxes for storage of bath bombs:

We have to store our favorite things so that they do not spoil and do not create chaos around. Of course, for this, there are special boxes, containers, baskets and organizers that can be purchased online without leaving a home. Internet-shop “Icustomboxes” is an ideal assistant in such matters. In addition to the products already mentioned for storage, we have a huge catalog of other products at an affordable price.

Storage boxes is therefore fundamental for the choice of bath bombs. For bath bomb storage boxes, the best choice is Icustomboxes.

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For those who want to see our products live and meet, we just have to visit our store. In any case, we are at your disposal and we would be delighted to welcome you and serve you better! All our items are readily available in stock at our office.

Buy inexpensive Bath Bomb Storage Boxes from Icustomboxes. On the website of the online store, you can order more Bath Bombs Packaging. For your convenience, the website of online store is organized by categories: in which you can choose the goods, who are looking for, without wasting time on viewing a huge amount of goods. We offer a wide range of all kinds of goods in Canada at the best prices.

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