5 Reasons Why You Should Try Analog Photography


In the 80s, analog cameras became the only choice for photographing. However, since the development of digital camera technology, many people gradually leave this camera. Besides, analog photography is very interesting for you to study or use.

But lately analog cameras have become popular again. For example, you can find many photography communities that use this camera. Let’s look at 5 reasons why you should try analog photography:

1.     Analog Cameras are Fun to Collect

Analog cameras have various types and shapes. Furthermore, analog SLR or Twins Lens Reflex cameras can be your perfect choice. Especially, if you like the camera setting and don’t believe that the camera only takes one shot without the settings.

However, not all analog cameras have complicated settings. There are other analog camera options, namely the type of point and shoot. This type allows you to take photos with the ‘direct shot’ method without thinking about the camera settings.

2.     Analog Photography Requires You To Be More Meticulous

Digital cameras are made so sophisticated that even ordinary photographers can make good photos. You just change the settings to auto mode, and you get quality photos. Of course, you cannot obtain that if you want to work on an analog camera.

You will use manual mode so you must carefully operate it. Film on analog cameras are also limited, you will get 24 or 36 frames. Therefore, you must really use it well without wasting the film.

3.     Developing Photos Is A Pleasing Experience

After you finish shooting, to see the results you have to develop the photo. The sensation of developing the photo after finishing one roll of film is really fun. For analog camera fans, a moment like this feels very pleasant.

You will definitely be curious whether the results are perfect, the picture is burned, or nothing comes out. The duration in photo developing also varies. For those of you who like to experiment, the process of developing photos can also be done at home.

4.     Easy to Carry And Has A Unique Shape

Analog cameras are easy for you to carry anywhere. Furthermore, this camera does not need a memory card so you know when this roll ends. Generally, analog cameras only use batteries.

So, if you are traveling to a place that lacks electricity, analog cameras are the answer. In addition, because of its unique shape, an analog camera can be your camera as well as your accessories while traveling.

5.     Film Can Give You Unexpectedly Beautiful Images

Operating an analog camera is not easy. So, you must be careful about operating it so that the image you produce becomes good. However, sometimes you will get unique photos from analog cameras. For example, if your photo is burning, it will usually have a red effect on your photo.

Sometimes the accident just makes your photos more interesting. Some photographers are even obsessed with making their photos more unique. For example, they use Diana or Holga cameras to get interesting effects.

Those are the reasons why you should try analog photography. If you want to work in the field of photography, you better use an analog camera first. This camera teaches you many things so you are more expert in the field of photography.

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